High Security

Keymark Cylinder

The process of controlling the distribution of keys in a system is sometimes referred to as "key control". Keys in a standard system are easily copied by anyone who has access, from the company president down to a part-time cleaning person. Conscientious security managers will sometimes print "Do Not Duplicate" on the key, but this provides only a small defense. High security keys solve this by only allowing duplicates to authorized individuals.

A Shape for Every Key

Medeco Key

High security key manufacturers have come up with a solution to unauthorized key duplication by limiting access to their proprietary key blanks. High security keys are made in a variety of different shapes, each of which are different from standard keys as well as from each other. These key shapes are patented, so there is no chance of overlap in a manufacturer's key shape, and key blanks are authorized to be duplicated at only one vendor in any given area.

In addition to isolated key shapes, high security locks can also have additional features that enhance security. We carry different brands of high-security hardware. The Schlage Primus series utilizes side-loading pins in addition to the standard top-loading ones. Medeco Keymark uses proprietary key shapes that won't allow other keys to even fit their locks. Key blanks for both brands can be issued only to certified vendors.

Security with Ease

Switching over to high security locks does not necessarily mean replacing the existing hardware. Our high-security cylinders will often fit into the customer's locks, increasing key control. They can be master-keyedMaster-keying uses compound pins in a cylinder to allow different access to different keys, allowing different "levels" of access. This is a common practice with businesses.(click for more), and can often be integrated into existing systems. Some manufacturers, such as Schlage, even have a line of high security keys that will fit into standard cylinders, but won't allow standard keys to operate their high-security cylinders. Medeco Keymark has a line of high-security cylinders that can be swapped into most commercial locksets, including the popular "interchangeable core"Interchangeable CoreInterchangeable cores are lock cylinders that can be instantly swapped by the administrator without disassembling the hardware.(see "specialty products") hardware.

Quality and Versatility


In addition to enhanced key control, high security locks are also nearly invulnerable to picking and some are reinforced with hardened steel pins that resist drilling and other forceful attacks. Their parts are also more precise than standard locks, making the chances of a key inadvertently opening your locks much slimmer. High security locks can also be put on a variety of fixtures. In addition to standard deadbolts and knobs, specialized high-security cam locksCam LockCam locks are smaller lock cylinders that are designed for fixtures like desks, boxes, etc.(see special products) can be put on things like desks, cash boxes, and key storage cabinets to give added security to just about anything.