Safe Front

Safes come in a variety of styles and functions. We have an assortment of different safes in our showroom (including used safes), and can special order to meet your needs. If you have questions or would like to look at our selection, we invite you to come down to see us!

Below is a basic selection of the most common uses and features of the safes that we carry. Remember that many of the safes we stock combine multi-purpose, and special features can be applied to different styles of safe.

Burglary Safes

Amsec Amvault

One of the most obvious reasons to own a safe is to protect valuables from theft. Theft defiant features include solid steel doors and drill resistant plates. Burglary safes also commonly provide fire protection as well.

Fire Safes

Patriot Safe

For most homes and businesses, fire is as real a threat as burglary. UL Fire RatedUL LogoAn industry standard classification done by Underwriters Laboratories, a non-profit consumer testing group. safes undergo rigorous testing including being exposed to temperatures up to 1850°F, and drop impacts of over 2 stories after being exposed to high heat. They are designed to keep the internal safe temperature less than 350°F, well below the temperature at which paper will begin to char. Fire safes typically offer protection against theft as well.

Cash Handling / Deposit Safes

Cash Handling Safe

Also known as "drop safes", these products are designed for the temporary and quick deposit of cash, checks, coins, or receipts. They are typically either top-loading or front-loading (to be kept under a counter and out of sight), and have different styles of "hoppers" which are designed to keep deposits from being fished out.

Electronic Keypads

Electronic Keypad

Keypads provide quick and easy entry compared to mechanical dials, and the combination can be changed by the user. Many electronic safe locks offer additional features such as time delay modes that automatically lock down after multiple entry attempts, and multiple user codes. Electronic keypads can be used with various styles of safes, and can sometimes be retro-fitted to older safes.

Floor Safes

Floor Safe

Floor safes, which can be installed below floor level, provide excellent burglary protection, and can be kept hidden or out of sight. They provide optimal protection when "sunk" into a bed of concrete, preventing removal.

Gun Safes

Gun Safe Handgun Safe

The interior layouts of gun safes are designed with guns in mind, but they are also rated to keep other valuables, including paper, safe from fire or burglary. Most gun safes are designed to be attractive and discreet.

Smaller versions are also made for use with handguns. Compact, very strong, and quick to open, these safes also typically have mounting holes allowing them to be anchored down.

Smaller Safes

LSDA Small Safe

Many people need a safe for their home or business, but don't want it to take up room. A new generation of "microwave-size" safes, can hold documents, passports, and money, but are still small and easy to transport. They offer an electronic keypad for quick access, and can be bolted down from the inside.